Virginia Beach, VA



FitNicePT and Virginia Beach Mother Runners
are currently seeking volunteer coaches.
This is an unpaid position and insurance is not required as volunteer activities are typically
covered by homeowner’s policies.
Volunteers are required to attend training and sign a non-compete contract with FitNicePT.
Qualified applicants will have the following:
Outgoing and friendly personality
Motivational and encouraging leadership styles
Group exercise instruction experience
To work with beginner runners:
At least two years of running experience with races at several difference distances
Strength and body weight training experience required
Ability to run 5K in under 29 minutes and under 27 minutes to work with intermediates
Intermediate Coaches:
Should be familiar with speed work and able to run faster
than 7:00 per milepace in order to work with all levels.

All fitness levels enroll in VBMR program, average mile pace ranges from 12 to 15 minutes per mile for beginners and 9 to 12 minutes per mile for intermediate runners..

Distance coaches need to have experience racing the half marathon distance at approximately a 9 minute mile pace.

Volunteer coach responsibilities
Showing up to run/walk
Supporting and encouraging the members of the VBMR community
Work with head coach to determine supplemental coaching needs for each workout
Sub for head coach when she is not available
Miss no more than 2 classes per month unless a scheduled vacation with no other missed classes in a 60 day period.
The volunteer coach position includes both weekly classes directed by the head coach.
The distance coach volunteer commitment is only one time a week, and the coach is responsible for leading the class that day.
VBMR T-shirt
Complimentary seasonal membership to VBMR
Paid entry to all VBMR featured races during volunteer service